a practice for transpersonal evolution

The power of dreaming

Dreams are mysterious. Dreams are an altered state that gives us the possibility of experiencing an expanded consciousness and allows us to be “other selves”, different from the every-day reality of the waking world and the sense of “Self” we hold so strongly.

“What is a shaman? First and last, the shaman is a dreamer. Shamans typically receive their calling in dreams and are initiated and trained in the Dreamtime.”

Robert Moss – Dreamgates

Dreaming stages

“Dreams are a transpersonal tool for evolution”

I have a way to organize the dreaming experience in stages of complexity in order to simplify the learning process. Of course this method of teaching to dream is arbitrary; one could go from not even remembering their dreams one day, to having an out-of-body experience the next day.

But for study’s sake, I have organized the dreaming experience in five stages:

Amazing resources

 By far the most influential books I have come across in the subject of dreaming are those written by Robert Moss:

Dreamgates: a comprehensive course for shamanic dreaming;

"a practice for transpersonal evolution and the expansion of consciousness"

Recent Blog Posts

Personal stories of my travels in the dreamtime

May 19, 2015

My first live talk

Please listen to my first live talk on dreaming, it is 30 minutes long – and it is very good! https://www.anymeeting.com/WebConference-beta/RecordingDefault.aspx?c_psrid=E950DF8984473D  ...

May 7, 2015

Art and Dreaming – Unleash your creative potential

This Saturday May the 9th I am going to stretch myself and my psyche and offer my first ever internet talk about dreaming. This is something I often thought of doing, but this time I actually researched a software and booked a time and date to offer my talk. Dreams have always been my favorite subject, so my fantasy of becoming a public speaker on the subject has been stretched an translated into action! If it sounds like I’m tooting my own horn, I am! I am thrilled to invite...

Jan 13, 2014

Dreaming together part 1

There have been many occasions when I have dreamed with people I am close to. In my childhood I used to dream with my brother, we would play and fly in our dreams and remember it in the morning. But as an adult, there have been many times when the love and closeness of a friendship have allowed me to enter a person’s dream, and they and I participated in the same dream scenarios. A dear friend of mine from high school has been a regular in my dreams...


Recent Work

Dreams becoming art

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May 19, 2015

May 7, 2015

Jan 13, 2014

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Sep 26, 2013

Apr 19, 2013

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