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Dreaming together part 1

Dreaming together part 1

There have been many occasions when I have dreamed with people I am close to. In my childhood I used to dream with my brother, we would play and fly in our dreams and remember it in the morning. But as an adult, there have been many times when the love and closeness of a friendship have allowed me to enter a person’s dream, and they and I participated in the same dream scenarios.

A dear friend of mine from high school has been a regular in my dreams for more than 20 years. Even now, countries apart and lives between us, we still know how we are doing and what’s going on in each other’s lives because of our dreams.

I got married last year. Before informing my friend that I was doing so, she and I had a dream in which we were drinking tea and I told her I was getting married. When I called her to tell her about my wedding, she related this very dream and told me she already knew!!!


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Last week I dreamt that I was in a camping ground with my friend, and we were peacefully resting in the forest. My dream became blurry and I left her in the forest while I went to do other things. I woke up worried about so I texted her my dream. She told me she and I were in the forest in her dream, and after I left she had a fight with many zombies that were loosing their limbs as she fought them.

This dream prompted her to ask me for a Life Coaching session, and now, in waking time, we are fighting the “leaving dead” zombies of her psyche.

More about dreaming together in the next blog post…