a practice for transpersonal evolution

The power of dreaming

Dreams are mysterious. Dreams are an altered state that gives us the possibility of experiencing an expanded consciousness and allows us to be “other selves”, different from the every-day reality of the waking world and the sense of “Self” we hold so strongly.

“What is a shaman? First and last, the shaman is a dreamer. Shamans typically receive their calling in dreams and are initiated and trained in the Dreamtime.”

Robert Moss – Dreamgates

“The heart of their practice is the intentional dream journey. They may incubate dreams to diagnose a patient and select the appropriate treatment. They travel — wide awake and lucid — in their dream bodies to find lost souls, to intercede with the spirits, to fight sorcerers, and to guide spirits of the departed along the right roads”

Robert Moss


I have always been a dreamer. Since early childhood I always had vivid dreams, and I could share the dreamtime with my little brother. My brother and I had great adventures while dreaming, and we would wake up laughing and talking about our dreams. My mom was bewildered!family album 33 copy


Needless to say, we thought everyone was able to share experiences in dreams. We didn’t know that other people couldn’t get together in their dreams.


As we grew older my brother and I became very different. My brother stopped caring about his dreams, and forgot how to get to me when we were dreaming. I went deeper into the dream realm, experiencing lucid dreams, traveling in time to the past and the future, traveling to outer space, and to other dimensions that only exist in the dreamtime.


My dreams have been an endless source of inspiration and knowledge; I have changed my life because of my dreams, and I have made art as a result of my dreams.


In the dreamtime I have said good-bye to my grandfather – who passed away while I was traveling – and I have met ancestors that were gone long before I was born.


In dreams I have received gifts of consciousness, and I have expanded my understanding of the nature of reality.


Dreams have the potential of being transpersonal tools for evolution


family album 43 copyWhat do I mean by transpersonal?

An experience that goes beyond the limited sense of “Self” that we have in the waking time allowing us to experience our infinite nature.


Dreams give us the possibility of learning from direct personal experiences, beyond the limitations of a belief system.


The practice of dreaming requires no beliefs!  It is a direct practical experience. It allows us to have transcendental experiences for ourselves!


There are many ways of understanding dreams, and they all have value. The important message I want to get across is that you need to discover what makes sense for you. You are the ultimate authority in your dreams, in your life and in your personal experiences.


Lastly, dreams have the potential of being fun and enjoyable, a journey of adventure that could lead to becoming a more complete, integrated, enlightened and realized individual… All of it while you sleep!


This site is intended for those of us that want to experience the human potential directly, and want to discover more about consciousness and the nature of reality through dreaming. If you are one us, get ready. We are here to travel and learn together.